Robyn (secretpassage) wrote in ilovelucifersam,

Firecrotch and pals

Those of us who follow those delightfully gossipy interweb sites will be aware that young ladies such as Paris Hilton*, Lindsay Lohan** (Ho-han!!!!) and now Britney Spears*** are taken to going out and getting pissed and not keeping their legs together as they exit their car, and manage to flash their pink bits all around the world seconds later.

So this of course makes me think of Luci, and what his take on it would be. And immediately I think of the grey young people's uniform that he advocated once, but I think he may have also called for the burqa to be forced upon Supre slappers, so I'm sure he'd also like to see P, L and B similarly attired.

What do members of the I Love Luci interweb community think?

* Satan
** The Devil
*** The Princess of Darkness
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