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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
3:16 pm
Socialist networking
Our benevolent leader has got himself a twitter account and look at who he's following: Britney Spears! I knew he'd been a hoax all along...
Thursday, October 16th, 2008
11:32 pm
I HAVE A NEW FRIEND: Her name is Nadia.

Dammit lets hope we hook up soon - Yarrayarra is all good.

Monday, April 7th, 2008
1:59 pm
Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
12:39 am
Anyone else think that our fearless leader really needs a hug?
Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
11:42 pm
Hey Robyn, do you think Luci will post about where he'll be this weekend so we can go and hang out while you're down here?
Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
11:45 pm
Dang! Joanna and Robyn and I are sitting around in our jimmy-jams and getting plastered; we realised that we haven't paid nearly enough attention to our idol, LUCIFER SAM for WAYYYY too long. Well, LS, this is a post to say that we still ADORE YOU, & please open your blog to comments. kthxbye
Friday, September 21st, 2007
9:28 am
You can call me Al........ Queda
So I got this out of Popbitch today:

" Poor Britney. Enough is enough. Taking pot-
shots at this troubled ex-Mousketeer has gone
too far. This week she was attacked in the
US media for not being able to close her
pram properly. And now she's almost being
blamed for 9/11. Leader of the Palestinian
Popular Resistance, Muhammad Abdel-Al said,
"If I meet these whores I will have the honour
to be the first one to cut the heads off Madonna
and Britney Spears if they will keep spreading
their Satanic culture against Islam.""

Sound like anyone we know?
Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
6:57 pm
I can't believe I didn't see this earlier, but our dear Luci says he is tired of "having sex shoved down my throat "

Thursday, June 21st, 2007
12:45 pm
Sexy AND reclusive
I should have noticed this before, but apparently:


That's a sexy recluse, right? Oh why must you hide your sexy back from the world, Luci?
Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
9:56 am
Party time
Luci was so excited by the news of Paris Hilton's alcohol-related prison sentence that he celebrated by drinking.

THE GREAT SATAN: Is now in Jail, yes thats right Paris Hilton AKA The Great Satan is spending the next 45 days in shameful incarceration. On hearing the New Saturday night, I broke out into spontanious fits of euphoria - Yeeup that slutty bitch is going down man....

Off to the Ngaio bottle store for a 6 pack beers and the discount liquor shop across the road for 2x 440ml cans

Or was he paying tribute to his homegirl, the notorious P.A.R.I.S?
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
2:24 pm
The Voice Of Reason
I'd just like to extend my belated-but-heartfelt thanks to our illustrious mentor, Lucifer Sam, for his uncompromising and eloquent words on the Section 59 repeal. The coup de grace:

to all those people protesting in favor of allowing your kids to be beaten - SHAME ON YOU FOREVER, SHAME, SHAME your sick in the brain.

'nuff said. Lucifer Sam for Prime Minister!
Friday, March 23rd, 2007
12:17 am
Happy birthday to our lord and master!
Monday, December 11th, 2006
11:26 am
Firecrotch and pals
Those of us who follow those delightfully gossipy interweb sites will be aware that young ladies such as Paris Hilton*, Lindsay Lohan** (Ho-han!!!!) and now Britney Spears*** are taken to going out and getting pissed and not keeping their legs together as they exit their car, and manage to flash their pink bits all around the world seconds later.

So this of course makes me think of Luci, and what his take on it would be. And immediately I think of the grey young people's uniform that he advocated once, but I think he may have also called for the burqa to be forced upon Supre slappers, so I'm sure he'd also like to see P, L and B similarly attired.

What do members of the I Love Luci interweb community think?

* Satan
** The Devil
*** The Princess of Darkness
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
10:38 am
We've created a monster
So it's been a long time since we last checked in on our hero, so what's he up to these days?

Building weird hybrids of women, it seems:

By nights end id lost my voice i kinda sounded like Bonnie Tyler Moore (U know total eclipse of the heart, its a heartache? Bette David Eyes)

So, for Luci's benefit as he builds this woman, let me present a show of images:

Bonnie Tyler

Mary Tyler Moore

Kim Carnes, singer of 'Bette Davis Eyes'.
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
11:38 am
Career change
Now that Luci's counting down the days until the end of his job, perhaps we should take the time to give back to the man who gives us so much and suggest a few alternative careers for him? Everybody should contribute to this thread. Here's a few from me:

- Bus or train driver: Luci can contribute from the inside to the positive change of Metlink into a quality service for the public.
- Macdonalds employee: Luci can go undercover to bring the organisation down
- Walking tour guide: Luci already knows our streets so well, and surely he'd have some great stories to tell.
Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
6:06 am
A reminder
Oh yeh its 6/6/6 on Tuesday - a one in a century day that supposed to bring all evil does anybody reckon something bad will happen? Maybe so or maybe not or maybe it will be just another boring day. Anyway it will be the NATIONAL DAY OF SLAYER so listen to your Slayer albums up real loud.

Just remember to play your Slayer records today. If you don't have any Slayer records, then I suggest you go out and get some quicksmart, or else I will be forced to expel you from the I Love Luci Community.

Thursday, June 1st, 2006
1:42 pm
Luci's big surprise is upon us!

No, he's not gay or a figment of Noisy's imagination. He is launching a new website McJihad, where he will rage against the corporate death burger.

Let this whet your appetite: "Mcdonalds everywhere in the world has the same poor service everywhere you go. They frequently screw up orders without compensating the customer, they like to pride themselves in being 'fast food' but frequently use the phrase 'were just waiting on the .... sir/madam" of which can be fustrating if you use the drive-thru service and thus long queues result and/or angry impatient customers result - especially if they are in a hurry."

Yeah, Luci. Tell it like it is.

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
11:50 pm
Im going to treat you all to a surprise, its been long in planning and has been set back due to indecisions, but on Thursday im going to give you all a surprise, your prolly guessing what it is, however i cant tell you until Thursday as it is a surprise and it would be spilling the beans to give it away now. I like to keep my surprises until when i say so. So hold your horses and youll certainly go along way.

OMG, Noizyboy, if this is your way of breaking it to us gently that Luci isn't real, I am going to cry. A lot.
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
10:30 pm
Special announcement
I took Luci's Myspace comment virginity.

It was special.
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
10:33 pm
You know who's a total cocktease? Luci. He gets us all lathered up about his myspace profile, and then doesn't even add us as friends. I say we shouldn't stand for it.
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